2011 February: HPC planned a 4,000L water storage system implementation trip to the Milker's Community area of Abheypur. However, upon touring the village on their first day, the HPC team learned that the residents required additional water and that the existing storage system from 2009 was not functional. The team adapted their design on the fly and was able to provide 10,000L of water storage along with rehabilitating the 2009 system, impacting 150 households and close to 700 people.

2009 October: HPC team returned to Abheypur to work with local residents to install a well and water storage tanks. This water system supplies potable water to a portion of Abheypur village that is very much in need of a safe and reliable source of drinking water.

2008 August: A team comprised of HPC and University of Hartford EWB members designed and installed a water system in Abheypur.  The new system piped water from the Girls’ Primary School 1000 feet to storage tanks in the “Potter’s Village” area. A health and social assessment was also begun which provided insight into how EWB can best aid Abheypur in the future.