In 2017, the HPC agreed to provide engineering assessment services to the community of San Antonio de Alao, Ecuador. During a time of population growth and housing development in this Andean community, community leaders struggled to obtain needed engineering services from the Ecuadorian government to advise on how to enhance and expand their existing water system.

January 2018: The HPC assisted the community of San Antonio de Alao, Ecuador in improving their access to water and better managing their water usage by conducting a thorough engineering field assessment. While on-site in San Antonio de Alao, our team completed the following engineering activities in support of determining the ultimate resource needs of the community:

  • Mapped the 1200-person community by district (assisted by aerial imaging with a drone)

  • Identified and mapped existing water systems in the community

  • Tested water quality at various locations in the existing water system

  • Tested water quality of two alternate water sources

  • Provided feasibility analysis for utilization of two alternate water sources

  • Determined water usage / water needs via 30 household surveys conducted across all community

  • districts

  • Conducted numerous focus group sessions (men's group, women's group, Water Committee leaders) for the understanding of community needs

Information collected by the HPC, including our assessment of how the community could best manage water usage and supply in the future, was provided to community leaders.